Posted by: balladofyoko | August 21, 2006


From two conversations over the past two days:

Me: “Watashi wa Japanese ga sukoshi hanasemasu.”
Translation: “I can speak a little Japanese.”- er, really?

A favorite returning student who is half-Japanese: “I am genki desu.”
Translation: “I am fine,” in response to “O-genki desu ka?” or “How are you?”

My Japanese skills are way rusty. I want so much to take classes again, but I don’t have the wherewithal right now. Suzyumi-san, can you recommend any good resources for review?

Oh, and I still want to learn Korean and Mandarin, too! egads. I tried to download software from Declan, but my old home computer balked. I liked what I saw from the screenshots, though, so I may actually buy some of these. What can I say– I love learning languages.


  1. Funny–I’ve always wanted to learn Japanese and more Mandarin as well. I’m currently brushing up my Korean skills. Too bad we don’t live in the same city and can’t join forces.

  2. Ah – hai!

    Hi :)

    There is a really interesting series that I liked – Nihongo Notes! Excellent books! Small paperbacks with situational phrases. Lots of explanation. Nihongo Notes Books 1 – 10. Fun to study! They might be too easy for you but maybe not…
    Amazon has them but their site is having difficulties right now. By Nobuko Mizutani.
    Published by the Japan Times. ISBN 4789001601.

    That’s my recommendation. :)

  3. Thanks, Suzanne! I’ll check those books out.

  4. my friend has been downloading language lessons from itunes. pretty cheap. he got mandarin chinese.


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