Posted by: balladofyoko | September 18, 2006

Words From Childhood 4.9

Today’s word: broken-nechan

Like imo-nechan,
today’s word is another pet name given to me as a kid. My mom called me broken-nechan, not because I was falling apart, but because I had a propensity of breaking things.

Some of the things I broke were because I had temper tantrums. However, there were more things that I didn’t break intentionally. I had always been curious about how things worked, so I took them apart– and then didn’t know how to put them back together. There were a few clocks that I had dismantled, and I think some kitchen tools.

Disassembling things as a kid made me realize how intricately they are put together. I’ve become much better about reassembling, too.



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