Posted by: balladofyoko | October 5, 2006

Extending Hospitality

Last night, I hosted a fellow aikidoist from out of town, who is here in the city for a short while. I’ve practiced with her occasionally at camps, but never had the time to stop and chat with her until now. It was wonderful to get to know her better– we talked a lot over dinner about aikido, and more about learning new things, ever-evolving interactions with people. I wish her all the best and look forward to seeing her at the next camp.

I’ve been radiating a lot of warmth in my thoughts lately. I feel very lucky to be healthy and alive, very lucky to be loved. I am, as ever, thankful to know all of you friends and members of my communities.

Some food for thought by Pacotelic, which reminds me of a previous post of mine:

…any other blog, is of course, different. I’ve been depres[s]ed, busy, or surly during my tenure here, and the only sign was absence…. Frankly, that may be fine, but it makes for skewed perception of personality. We all get to choose what face we show. While this is also true of meatspace, we’re always there, and our bodies show many messages our words may not.

…which is why my friends often say “I’ve read on your blog how you are, but let’s actually meet up and talk.”

Talk to you soon–
Love, Yoko



  1. Or, better still, meet up and throw each other around. Still looking forward to practicing with you someday.

  2. I’d love to meet up and throw each other around!

  3. i feel warm and fuzzy from afar!

  4. Hey — nice talking to you while you visited today. Felicitations are in order for the wedding! See you blogside — Katia

  5. There’s luck involved with being loved, but there’s also skill – and you’re good at it :-)

    Last night I felted my first ever crocheted object. It took a fairly long time to make, and then it was really exciting to finally take it through that last phase. It needs another turn or so through the washer to shrink more – hopefully. But I was thinking of you fondly during this process, as the person who introduced me to felting, sent me my first example of it (and the weather’s just getting right to bring it out again), and who feels like a wonderful cohort even though I’ve never even been in the same room with you. Rock on!

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