Posted by: balladofyoko | December 14, 2006

Musical Pursuits

I went to a woodwind quintet rehearsal last night. It’s been years since I’ve played in such a group– the last time was when I was a freshman in college– and I had such high hopes for playing in a small ensemble again. Unfortunately, the levels of ability of the players were wildly disparate, so at best, there will be a lot of struggling to find music that will be comfortable to play for everyone.

I was disappointed– I so wanted to play pieces new to me that would be challenging. The two pieces we played last night were music that I had performed when I was in high school, at a summer music camp. I have not played them since then, and yet my fingers and ears remembered them well, and the college training I had allowed me to surpass the difficulties I had when I was younger. So that was a pleasant surprise for me.

We’ll see how this group fares. It’ll be a nice venue for reading music, but probably not for performing it.

In the meantime, my duo that will be performing is shaping up for next month’s outing. We have a set list and are refining our pieces. I’m very much looking forward to playing the concert, and maybe there will be other chances to play in public with this group. I just need to find more time to practice….


  1. Kripes how do you do it? Do you have 5 extra hours in your day that other people don’t? Did you steal my time??

  2. I don’t know, Z. I’d gladly give you 5 extra hours if there was a way to give it to you.

  3. That sounds awesome! What do you play?

  4. Hi Lilly! I play the clarinet.

  5. Chamber music…. ahhhhh ^_^


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