Posted by: balladofyoko | December 28, 2006

Words From Childhood 2006 Index

Words I’ve posted this year.

4.1 darashi nai: slovenly
4.2 Banzai!: cheers!
4.3 gohan tsubu: grains of rice
4.4 uncomfortable: as applied to objects
4.5 taido: attitude
4.6 neko funjatta: “I stepped on the cat”; piano piece
4.7 acchi muite hoi!: “Look over there!”; game
4.8 sentaku: laundry
4.9 broken-nechan: the girl who breaks things
4.10 chokochoko, burabura: ways of moving around
4.12 [sic] furikake: rice sprinkles

I think I’ll be taking a break from doing Childhood Words for next year. I may post some words here and there, but not every month.

Next up: the annual retrospective.



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