Posted by: balladofyoko | January 11, 2007

Good Feedback

Facing the audience, Claude felt a sense of relief. He had missed dozens of notes, played a few wrong ones, rushed the tempo of the third section out of nervousness, and had not quite matched the phrasing of the horns on several occasions. But the piece as a whole had been executed clearly, its shape unambiguous. Parts of it had even been beautiful, and remembering those moments, he allowed himself to be swept up in the general enthusiasm.

~Frank Conroy, Body & Soul

Good things from yesterday’s recital:

People seemed to genuinely enjoy the music. The favorite piece, based on comments, was appropriately titled Airheads.

Quite a few people liked my warm tone, and remarked how well our sounds blended.

It was great to play in the hall– the sound echoed back to us in a way that wasn’t booming, but added some nice color.

My mental concentration is getting much better.

We were enthusiastically asked to play with this concert series again at a later date. Perhaps we will try to play at other venues in the city as well. Any recommendations and references would be welcomed.

Things I need to work on:
1. Breathing exercises, standing up (as opposed to sitting), for endurance.
2. Need a neck strap for support– my right hand, which carries much of the weight of my instrument, hurts, and I have to beware of any kind of repetitive stress injury.
3. More subtle and controlled beginnings and ends of phrases.

Many thanks to the people who were able to come hear us. And special thanks to Lipby for putting up with me while I stressed out in the last couple weeks of putting the recital together.



  1. Please continue to keep me posted about your recitals. I will make it to one someday, by jiminy!

  2. I wish I could have heard it!! Maybe you can get Lipby to record the next one!! (Just a thought)…

  3. Zann– I do wish someone did record this recital, since I like to have recordings if only for my own archives. Hopefully, I can arrange for that for next time.

  4. recitals seem like they’d be so stressful. i’d love to see one sometime. if you get a recording, you should post it.

  5. […] did improve upon some things from the previous recital. The neck strap helped considerably with the issues I had with my right hand– no pain, and […]


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