Posted by: balladofyoko | March 5, 2007

Steel City Love

A fine time was had at Pittsburgh. I…

-rode the train and watched the snow-covered mountains and iced-up rivers and lakes pass me by
-listened to an Amish family speak Pennsylvania Dutch
-knitted 3/4 of a fair-isle hat while on the train
-met lots of neat folks, many of whom were my age (young librarians rule!)
-ate a Primanti Bros. sandwich (pastrami)
-went ice skating (photos not of our time there)
-did not get the job I applied for, despite an excellent interview and very positive feedback from it
-celebrated my 2nd year with Lipby
-saw the end of the lunar eclipse
-Ate awesome Polish food
-did not get elected to any committees
-Skipped out on an RDA presentation
-practiced aikido, early in the morning, thanks to a fellow aikidoist who allowed me to take a class at her dojo
-daydreamed of moving to Pittsburgh for no good reason

No time to stop now. Must keep going.



  1. Pittsburgh is so cool! I would move there……


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