Posted by: balladofyoko | April 11, 2007

6/8 Time, Key of C Major

There are only so many variations on writing a title for a post full of random thoughts. The title above refers to a secret project I’m working on. For now, let me just say that it’s an ongoing pleasure playing in this trio.

My other trio is scheduled to practice next week. I better get on the ball and work on the music. I need to get back in the groove of practicing. It’ll come.

Teaching last night was fun. There were enough people there of varying levels to make the class flow better than last week. I had a couple students go through a trial run of their tests, and they did fine. I want to continue teaching, continue learning.

The thing about trying to teach a technique is that it points out to me what weaknesses are there in my own knowledge. And for me, that means footwork. I know that’s something I need to be more conscientious of, and more deliberate with.

Believe it or not, I did cut back on my training schedule so that I’m going to 2 classes a week instead of 3– the second class is on the weekend. This actually makes a big difference for me, in that I’m home more often during the week, and can therefore cook and clean more around the house. The cooking part I like, the cleaning not so much, but it has to be done. They both make me feel more settled at home, which is good.

Cooking– homemade polenta is super-easy to make, cheap, and is much tastier than those tubes you get at the grocery store. Goes well with scampi, by the way.

Back to work.



  1. Cleaning has to be done? I went to a Music Seminar once where the speaker explained that if you make X amount of dollars teaching private lessons, you can’t afford not to hire a maid who can clean the house more efficiently in less time and for less than you make teaching. So I hire a maid. Crazy I know and I still clean between times but dang she is good! So that just leaves laundry, yardwork and cooking.

    Can you post a homemade polenta recipe- we love polenta!

  2. No yard, so I don’t worry about yardwork. Laundry, cleaning up after cooking, house cleaning, yes.

    I admit to not having done the research to find out how much getting a cleaning person would be. I also admit to not liking the idea of someone whom I don’t know being in my house while I’m gone.

    I will post a polenta recipe (and perhaps another recipe) soon, I promise!

  3. Okay, wait a minute – I think I missed something here – must’ve been when my computer was out of service. Two trios? I remember one duo but I don’t remember any trios.

    Do tell. You know how I like hearing of your musical re-development ;)

  4. Fair– nah, I haven’t been writing about any of this very much. The duo is still a duo, but it’s sometimes a trio. The other trio is a secret, but will be public in a matter of time. I’ll write more about both groups soon, too.

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