Posted by: balladofyoko | August 14, 2007

Teaching From the Center

Today was my last day teaching aikido, at least for a while. The head instructor, for whom I’ve been subbing these last few months, wants to return to the mat to teach, and take over the class that was once hers. I’m very grateful that she has allowed me to teach for this long.

I had a decently sized class tonight– about seven intermediate-level students. The number of people and their similar levels of ability made it easier for me to keep a decent pace in teaching and reinforcing techniques. It also helped to have people in the class whom I like to work with– some of them have been consistently coming to my class. I tried to keep my explanations to a minimum and focus on a couple of technical aspects. I felt calm and confident throughout the class.

I’ve been told that people have enjoyed my classes. I’m glad to hear it. I’ve enjoyed teaching them, and I’ve learned a lot about how people learn, and how to teach to that. I hope I’ll have the opportunity do more again someday.


  1. Eeh? I could’ve sworn I made a comment here. :-?

    Ah well, it was about those people being lucky to have had you as a teacher.


  2. Thanks, Faighnee. If you had left a previous comment, it got lost in the ether– sorry.


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