Posted by: balladofyoko | October 3, 2007

Spot On

Peace is not the absence of conflict, but rather the presence of harmony.

~Ad in a subway car



  1. Half full/half empty….

  2. What was it an ad for? Peace potato chips? This reminds me that in the middle of the Pennsylvanian countryside I saw last week a gigantic billboard with the Dali Lama and it said He Doesn’t Hope for Peace, He Works for It.

  3. i was given a set of postcards that say, “peace. it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”

  4. Zanti: au contraire. Not the same thing.
    Trixy: It’s actually an ad for a project called Peace Begins at Home, addressing domestic violence. It’s an initiative by a United Church of Christ parish. I don’t know enough about the project to have an opinion, but the slogan struck me as being descriptive of aikido philosophy.
    Mik: that is the essence of aikido as well.

  5. I’ve seen the poster on the broad street line. It’s nice. The UCC is a mainline protestant church.

    It’s like, the absence of unhappiness is not happiness. The absence of pain is not pleasure. But there is pleasure in realizing that pain has stopped and in appreciating its absence. Harmony is necessary to a true and lasting peace, as opposed to a mere truce. I guess.


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