Posted by: balladofyoko | March 16, 2008

Vital Signs

[The body’s] physical center… is called hara, the very center of which is called tanden. Centering techniques such as meditation, martial arts, yoga, and breathing encourage the body energy to become balanced. Through focusing energy in the hara, the mind, emotions, and spirit become united and our actions and reactions harmonize appropriately with the natural and immediate environments.

~The Book of Shiatsu, Saul Goodman

The pain has gone– the medicines feel like they did the job. I talked with my doctor, and will be scheduling an appointment with a specialist soon.

I’m viewing this recent illness as a wake-up call to do something different with my life. If the body’s center, the hara, is the point where everything aligns and where one is centered, then I have somehow become very uncentered. I need to change things before I self-destruct. It has to start now.



  1. I’m worried about you.

  2. Oh Yoko!! I am soo sorrry!!! Wow!! Diverticulitis pain is probably similar to pancreatic pain so I can say I understand. I am so happy for you that the pain is GONE!! That is fantastic!! Are you back on any kind of solid diet yet?? Do NOT push it! As I heard one nurse say, you can live on chicken broth for a loooong time (and plain Miso soup). Please TAKE CARE!! I cannot (and I am almost crying as I type this) I canNOT stress enough the importance of following the diet EXACTLY as they prescribe and following up on ALL leads (doctors, other methods, etc)!! Was the pain on the left side of the center or really center??

  3. Suzanne– I am back on a solid diet, gradually adding more fiber as I go. The pain was on my right side, not my left, which is unusual for diverticulitis.


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