Posted by: balladofyoko | May 9, 2008

Artist’s Way, Week 1

As I’ve mentioned, I’m embarking on completing The Artist’s Way 12-week program. Really, the only reason why I’m doing this is I hate to think I had any project unfinished inadvertently. I don’t even know why I had abandoned it, back in the 90s when I had purchased the book on credit while working at the Evil Bookstore.

I have very sparse notes written in the book, and they’re offering no clues as to what I was thinking at the time. I do remember that I had despaired of never getting out of a retail career and of never leaving my parents’ house. I wasn’t playing music, and library school was barely a glimmer in my mind. So, I’ve come a long way from when I had first started the program.

In reading the introduction and the first chapter, it occurs to me that the book is slightly dated. I find the idea of my “inner artist child” being petulant as kind of silly. Nevertheless, I’ve committed to completing the exercises and seeing where it takes me.

This week’s theme is “recovering your sense of safety.” There are written exercises involving remembering who in your past supported your creative endeavors, and who hindered your growth. The hallmark of this program is the morning pages, where you’re supposed to write 3 pages of stream-of-consciousness writing every day, first thing in the morning.

I must confess that I don’t write first thing in the morning– the first thing I do every day is walk the dog. I end up writing when I get to work. Nevertheless, I’ve noticed that I have no problem scribbling stuff off the top of my head. I also appear to hold some bitterness on certain past events which I won’t go into here. I’m not sure writing about all this is helpful in any way, but I’m writing, every day.

[Update 5/11/2008]: I neglected to mention earlier that Ms. Geminica and I working together on this project, and I very much appreciate her partnership in this!

On to week 2.



  1. I’m curious to see the results. Please continue to post your progress/non-progress.

  2. Will do!

  3. Thanks. I have a copy of that book and I haven’t opened it in years.

    I believe a private journal is the perfect place for bitterness. Sometimes I fear that writing about problems will somehow give them more weight, but it actually helps me keep them in perspective. Writing can prevent my thoughts from just flying around and knocking things over in my head. Writing untangles nasty nests of problems. It helps me deal with bitterness and other troubles by forcing me to organize the thoughts I associate with my anger and whatnot.


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