Posted by: balladofyoko | May 16, 2008

Artist’s Way,Week 2

I’m still managing to write morning pages every day, in copious amounts. I liked the exercises for this week much better than last week, because they involve something I do all the time– daydream about things I’d like to do, and work out ways to do them in some fashion. I’m an incurable listmaker, and these exercises encouraged me to make fanciful lists of careers I would like to pursue or things I would like to accomplish to my heart’s content. That’s the secret to how I get things done, by the way– write a list, and then work out how to do them.

One thing I’ve rediscovered this week was listening to music. This morning, I put on a Mozart piano-wind quintet on my CD player and listened to it as I wrote. Something about the dark, rainy day brought out the pure, poignant sounds of the piece, and I really enjoyed just listening to the music mingle in with the sounds of the rain. It’s been a while since I’ve sat down with a recording– I should explain why sometime. But maybe it’s something I should get back to.

I also managed to practice clarinet every day this week. I haven’t practiced for 5 days straight, ever. Granted, I’m only practicing for 5-6 minutes a day because of my breathing problems, but it’s a start. I’m still trying to find another clarinetist to talk to about this.

Week 3 is uncharted territory for me. I may have skimmed through it in the past, but I’ve never done these exercises. I’m looking forward to seeing what this upcoming week will bring.


  1. Rock on

  2. Interesting. I don’t listen to music much these days, either. I look forward to your post about that.

  3. Oh, morning pages. You are so good. How much earlier in the morning do you get up to do that?

  4. Lindsay: I don’t. I cheat and write when I get to work. I can’t get up any earlier than I already do without being cranky throughout the day. But I do write my three full pages, every day.

  5. Maybe I’m being selfish but I always particularly like when you talk about the current state of your relationship with music.

    Never 5 days in a row, ever? I never would have guessed. Ever.

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