Posted by: balladofyoko | May 30, 2008

Artist’s Way, Week 4

The major assignment was to not read for the entire week– not to be distracted and to pay closer attention to my own inner thoughts. I included not reading any RSS feeds in addition to any print material, but I didn’t include not watching TV, movies, or listening to the radio, although I did those much less than I normally do, just to minimize being drawn in to any media. This was hard– I would have loved to sit down with some books over the Memorial Day weekend and during my fasting period before my colonoscopy. Instead, I knitted, I organized my CDs and my spice cabinet (really!), I listened to music, and I played with the dog.

I slipped up three times, completely inadvertently- all three times with magazines. I saw an article that caught my eye, and I read them, only realizing afterwards that I wasn’t supposed to read. oops.

Not reading blogs, although a much more difficult endeavor, was actually easier to do for me. I have a bad, bad habit of constantly reading and refreshing Bloglines at work– I fully realize I do this because my job is boring me. On the one day I came to work this week, I kept opening my bookmarks, but I successfully did not click on any links at all. Although I can’t say that I got more work done that day than I usually do, I felt a lot more focused than I would have if I kept flipping back to Bloglines. I’m going to try to only read RSS feeds when I’m at home from now on, and see how that works.

I missed reading books and magazines, though. I’m going back to them tomorrow.



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