Posted by: balladofyoko | June 13, 2008

Artist’s Way, Week 6

Pressed Flowers & Leaves

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Up to the halfway mark of the program.

This week’s theme was about money and to think beyond it to realize how much I really have. This coincides neatly with my appointment with my debt counselor. We crunched the numbers together and on paper, I should have more money than I think I have at the end of every paycheck. To figure out where it’s going, I’ve kept a tally of what I’ve spent this past week. The most expensive purchase was one yoga class. The majority of my spending has been on food, but there has been nothing over $5. It may be the small things that add up.

I’ve liked the assignments for this week because they’ve involved more doing than writing. One assignment was to gather some flowers and leaves and press them in a book. Here they are in my journal.

A full day of fun awaits me today.



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