Posted by: balladofyoko | June 20, 2008

Artist’s Way, Week 7


Another set of doing, rather than thinking tasks. This collage is supposed to represent my life and interests. You can interpret it in any way you like. I haven’t done a collage in years! This was really quite fun.

The thing that struck me this week was the mantra I was to repeat every day: “Treating myself like a precious object will make me strong.” It feels silly to type it. But I do believe it to be true– sometimes, I neglect to take proper care of myself. I’ve been better about not pushing myself too hard lately.

Remember this post from last year? It’s taken me a whole year of thinking and trying out things, but I think I’ve moved away from anhedonia. Give me a few more months to know for sure.



  1. I am struck by the orderliness of the collage.

  2. Yeah– it’s isn’t collagey enough, is it? I still like the images I chose, though.


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