Posted by: balladofyoko | June 27, 2008

Hall Light

Dear Fair,

I found the tape! I couldn’t figure out a few words– if you still have your copy, could you listen to it and see if you can figure them out? (or if anyone out there happens to have this song, feel free to suggest edits– this isn’t anywhere on the internets.)

This song brought back a lot of memories.

Take care,

“Hall Light” from Bowling in Paris by Stephen Bishop, Featuring Sting

See Bob, he is a hard-working architect
He likes his cocaine on a Saturday night
He likes his cocaine every night
That’s Bob.

See June, she works 9 to 5 for husband Bob
She hides her bruises with her white Maybelline
She’s so afraid of him
Her life is sink or swim
That’s June.

So many people in this world
So many people in this world

See Alicia, she was young with a love for life
She had a father who could treat her unkind
She turns to Jesus when she should have tuned in to her mind

So many people in this world
So many people in this world

See Steve, he had a fat, creepy stepfather
Who kept his rifles in a room by the hall
Young Steve loved rock & roll
Until he had nothing at all.

Some people can forgive the kid who grows up hurt
That kid was you, my friend, and that kid was me
Did you like to leave the hall light on?
Are you going to leave the hall light on

So many people in this world
So many people in this world



  1. Yoko, I didn’t think I had this song but thanks to you — I did!

    Remember that tape you made for me way back when we used to like Sting? You called it Sting – Retrospective/Regeneration.

    I had completely forgotten about it but when I looked through all the old tapes I still have I instantly remembered that song was on there and sure enough, it was.

    And here’s what I came up with for your two question mark spots:
    “She hides her bruises with her white Maybelline” and
    “See Steve, he had a fat, creepy stepfather”.

    And, by the way, thanks for that tape — I remember I enjoyed back when you gave it to me and I got to enjoy it once again this evening as I listened to the whole entire thing.

  2. Oh my god! I totally forgot that I made that tape for you! Wow– I’m glad you liked it then and now.
    Thanks for filling in those words!
    What happened to your Stephen Bishop tape? I thought I had borrowed that from you.


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