Posted by: balladofyoko | July 18, 2008

Artist’s Way, Week 11

This week’s reading talks about moving meditation. The author defines this as “where the act of motion puts us into the now and helps us to stop spinning [within our heads].” I have been a firm believer of moving meditation since I was very young. Walking alone for great distances often helps me clear my mind and puts things into proper perspective. Sometimes practicing aikido does this, sometimes yoga will do this too.

Writing every day since I’ve started this program has also been a kind of meditation. In my journal, I’m free to write whatever’s in my head, from complaining about mundane things to daydreaming about the perfect day– this freedom to let it all out, and for my eyes only, has been an incredible release for me.

Please click through to see this video, if you haven’t already, of Sir Ken Robinson during a TED lecture on creativity. It clocks in at almost 20 minutes, but it is worth listening to his humor and his insight. I’ll comment on it at another time.

One more week to go.



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