Posted by: balladofyoko | October 26, 2008

New Theme

Welcome to the revamped Ballad of Yoko. This blog is about my experiences with the Japanese culture, living in the United States as a Japanese American. I’ll continue to write about aikido, and intend to bring back Words From Childhood. I also plan to write about learning the Japanese language as an adult.

I haven’t decided whether to continue writing about music here, but I’ve left previous posts on that subject on this site.

My food blog, which I co-write with Ace, is Spilt Wine & Sticky Rice.
My arts and crafts group blog is Arts & Crafts Circle. (Note: as of 11/2008, this link is no longer functional. See this post.)




  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Great look for the blog! I’ve been reading you on Reader but now that I see how pretty this is, I’ll venture over to the source more often :) Happy writing!

  3. So funny! I love this theme, I almost used it a while back when I was playing with the idea of a blog! Good luck with the new look.

  4. Azzia- thanks!
    Rizz- I do like this theme. I was going to change the photo to something more personal, but I like how it blends with the format, so I decided to keep it.

  5. it has nice structure and architecture too!


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