Posted by: balladofyoko | February 25, 2009

Two Surprises

1. Going to aikido class, and seeing new white belt students. Hooray! I hope they stay.

Not new to me, but something that I had forgotten: more often than not, white belt students (often male, but not always), when first training with me, will be overly concerned with whether I’m all right after they throw me. It’s a little annoying, but kind of cute. I told one guy, “If I can get up, then I’m fine.” They’ll learn soon enough. I think another guy did when I gave him a little extra sankyo.

2. Seeing students who used to go to my class, after not seeing them in a while, and noticing marked improvement in their techniques. They look more comfortable moving. All right! I made sure to tell them how pleased I was with their progress.


  1. Both seem like good things to me. And I would imagine that your former students were pretty happy when you commented on their improvements to them.


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