Posted by: balladofyoko | April 6, 2009


In case you haven’t heard, I’m moving to DC in May. I got a very nice job offer.

This is the first time I’ve ever had to move out of the Philadelphia area for a job.

I’m still in denial about the whole thing, actually. I’m kind of bewildered. There’s so much I need to do over the next several weeks, and I haven’t really done much.

Friends- if you haven’t already gotten an email from me, and you would like an update on my whereabouts, please comment below, and I’ll be sure to add you to the mailing list. Thanks.



  1. I’m happy for you, but I wonder who will go to the next Pixar movie with me?

  2. I had not heard the news! Congratulations, and best wishes for a smooth move.

    Every month when it’s time for Fork You live, I think I should e-mail and see if you want to go…then there’s a scheduling conflict, and I think, “oh, maybe next month.”


  3. Ashy- I’m sure you’ll find someone. Otherwise, maybe we can go in June?

    Becky- sorry! that was an oversight on my part. (which is why I posted this- I had a feeling I didn’t get to everyone!) Maybe we can go to the one in May together, schedules depending?

  4. Congratulations on a swell new job! Good luck with the move. Please add me to the mailing list and let me know how you’re doing.

  5. Congratulations! I was just thinking about you yesterday…(was transferring seedlings made me think of that day in Rittenhouse…that was fun!)

    Lots of good luck!! Will you be visiting Philly??

  6. Ten Feet- thanks! I’ll keep you posted.

    Angie- Thanks! I’ll be visiting Philly often, since my family still lives here (and Lipby, temporarily, while he’s in school). Want to meet up before I go?

  7. Congratulations! I hope you will be glad you have made the move. There are always lots of opportunities there, and if you find a nice apartment, you should be pretty happy.

  8. Hurrah for you! Now we have to plan a road trip once you’re settled.

  9. I saw the twitter and I wondered whither. Please do send me your address and such.

  10. Bridget- thanks! I hope so, too!
    Qui- I think I lost your email address. Could you write me?
    Old Cutter John– will do!

  11. Well, you’ve probably already moved, but I still wanted to say congratulations and wish you the best of luck!! DC is awesome.

  12. Tony- I haven’t moved yet! Thanks for your kind words.


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